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Power Distribution





Whether you need to power a single server or a rack full of servers, SCSISTUFF has the right PDU for you. Power Distribution units or PDUs come in a number of form factors, voltages, amperages plug and outlet types. Call us to discuss your power needs and we'll find the right PDU for your situation.

Our online store is currently down for maintenance. Please call us at 1-888-712-0717 for a custom quote or more details.
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  • Dell AP6015 - 8 Outlet, 100-240 Volt, 12 Amp PDU, no cables $30
  • Dell AP6015 - 8 Outlet, 120 Volt, 12 Amp PDU, with cables $49
  • Dell AP6021 20A PDU 200-240VAC 1Ø 13x C13 Outlets 1T891 -- L6-30P input - $69 
  • Dell AP6021 20A PDU 200-240VAC 1Ø 13x C13 Outlets 1T891 -- L6-20P input - $69
  • Dell AP6021 20A PDU 100-120VAC 1Ø 13x C13 Outlets 1T891 -- L5-20P input - $69
  • Dell H534N 24U metered PDU 12x C13 2x C19 output with L6-30P input plug $148