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Dell Poweredge R610        R710

The Dell R610 1U server supports a wide array of configurations and form factors to fit your needs.
  55xx or 56xx Xeon processor, dual CPU capable
  288 Gb max utilizing PC3-8500r thru 14900r registered DIMMs. 4R dimms have limitations.
  Supports 2.5" form factor drives - SATA, SAS, SSD
  Backplane - 2.5" x 6.
  Risers - 2x x8 PCIe slots 
  Raid controllers - Perc 6ir, Perc 6i, Perc H700 ( 512Mb or 1 Gb)
  Power supplies - dual 502, 717 watt.  Power supply wattage must match.
  iDRAC6 - express, enterprise
  Ethernet - 4x1 Gb RJ45 ports

SCSISTUFF carries most current and previous generation Dell servers. All of our servers are built to your specifications, updated to the latest firmware versions & tested.
Our online store is currently down for maintenance. Please call us for a custom quote or more details.

R610 - 2.5" x 6 chassis, Perc H700 (512 Mb cache), dual 717 watt power supply, 8X cdrom,iDRAC6 express
 2x X5650 six core 2.66 Ghx 24 Gb 4 x 600gb 10K  - $ 1,699
 2x X5650 six core 2.66 Ghx 96 Gb 6 x 300gb 10K  - $ 1,899
 2x X5650 six core 2.66 Ghx 96 Gb 4 x 146 Gb 15K  - $1,499